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Demolition Works and Demolition Robot Lease

We offer services for demolition, breakage, disassembly and removal of facilities of any complexity.

We apply an individual approach to each site where demolition works are performed.

Self-propelled electro-hydraulic compact remote-controlled tracked robots with small dimensions and weight starting from 700 kg are capable of quick and skilled completion of special tasks. Remote control of the machine enhances work safety. The use of robots significantly increases the level of work management, as a single robot can replace a team of handymen and eliminates the need for auxiliary equipment.

Managers of our company will advise you on the equipment to best suit your application needs. Safety, effectiveness and professionalism are our priorities.

List of services provided:

  • lease of demolition robots with equipage
  • lease of special demolition equipment
  • equipment lease for any period of time

We use modern and unique methods for demolition of buildings and structures, so we can carry out demolition works at affordable prices.