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Echidna Excavator Attachments

Echidna is the leader in the manufacture of hydraulic circular saws and was the first to design an automatic brake and a reverse rotation function.

Echidna was established in 1990. At the end of 2009, the subsidiary company Echidna Production Machinery CZ was established. It is engaged in the development and production of industrial equipment in accordance with world’s quality standards.

Application of ECHIDNA equipment:

  • stone mining industry (hard and soft rock cutting, quarrying)
  • civil works (demolition, cutting of reinforced concrete, steel, etc.)
  • road operations (manufacturing and widening of trenches, saw cutting of joints)
  • landscaping (wood sawing and trimming, stump grinding)
  • recycling (cutting of metal, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, etc.)

Advantages of Echidna circular saws:

  • models for excavators of 1 ton to 100 tons
  • omnidirectional cutting
  • high torque
  • high-speed blades
  • depth control
  • robust design
  • self-locking

Echidna excavator attachments –

  1. rotor cutters
  2. Auger drilling rig
  3. High-speed circular saws

Additional options for circular saws are available

  • set of multi-disc cutting equipment (multisystem)
  • automatic water supply controller
  • wall saw rail kits
  • telescopic extensions and adjustable shift extensions
  • servo control system of disc feed
  • rotators of circular saws
  • replaceable discs

Transform your diamond saw into an excavator-driven and operated wall saw.

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