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Servicing and Post-Warranty Maintenance of Demolition Robots

Our company provides comprehensive servicing and maintenance of demolition equipment in the specialized service center in Moscow. We provide our customers with a full range of services for restoring the performance of demolition equipment made by any manufacturer. Moreover, our specialists perform servicing of machines for metallurgy and crushing and screening equipment at the customer’s site. To reduce the time of response to requests of customers from different regions, we involve our service partners.

The specialists of our company are trained and experienced in the repair of machines for metallurgy and crushing and screening equipment.

We perform the following types of work to restore the equipment performance:

  • technical inspections of equipment in accordance with the operation manual
  • assessment of condition of assemblies and units, if necessary, replacement of worn parts and assemblies of equipment – carrying out of check measurements, required adjustments of the equipment – installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning of remote control systems of equipment – restoration of body, frame, outriggers
  • track roller restoration
  • boom system restoration
  • welding, machining of parts
  • manufacturing and replacement of body parts
  • electrical system repair
  • hydraulic system repair – attachment repair.

Our advantages:

  • Many years of experience in servicing imported demolition machinery.
  • Special equipment and tools available for making repairs
  • Qualified personnel
  • Warranty for services provided
  • Monitoring of compliance with repair time limits
  • Large stock of spare parts.
  • Geographical location of partner companies minimizes transportation expenditures and provides uninterrupted operation due to creating centralized warehouses of spare parts.
  • Visit of service specialists to the customer’s site, as well as diagnostics and repair of equipment at the repair shop of our company
  • Works can be performed by a mobile package without moving parts out of the site within the shortest possible time, which significantly reduces the equipment downtime.
  • To save our customers’ time, we suggest using our services by appointment.

Reasonable cost and high quality are our standard for maintenance of your equipment

Warranty and Post-Warranty Maintenance

Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of AZARRUS demolition robots is carried out on the basis of our service center in Moscow, as well as in Lipetsk, Magnitogorsk, Novosibirsk at the sites of our service partners*.

AZARRUS robots are covered by an extended warranty with no limitation of operating time in machine hours.

We offer special terms and conditions to corporate clients, as individually agreed.

Provision of equipment (of the same class) for temporary replacement of the robot for the time the latter is under repairs during the warranty period is possible.

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